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Unless otherwise specified, the current version for every tool can be seen by typing '-version' after the tool name. For instance, if you want to know which version of icfb you are using, add cadence2005 and type 'icfb -version'.

add cadence2005
icfb -version
  • icfb Front to back design [add cadence2005]
Version 5.1.0 11/21/2005 23:46 (cicsun11)
  • ihdl Import HDL [add cadence2005]
Version 5.1.0 11/21/2005 23:45 (cicsun11)
  • encounter First Encounter [add cadence2005]
Version v04.10-s415_1 (32 bit) 07/24/2005 21:59 (Solaris 5.8)
  • pt_shell PrimeTime [add synopsys_tools]
Version X-2005.12-SP2 for sparc64 --Mar 02, 2006
  • dc_shell Design Compiler [add synopsys]
Version X-2005.09-SP3 for sparcOS5 --Mar 02, 2006