Tutorial:Frequently Found Issues - Cadence

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Cadence Lock Files

If you see something like the following when not working on a group assignment (if you are on a group assignment then the .cdslck file keeps you from making changes while your group member is editing):

ece$ *WARNING* file /afs/unity.ncsu.edu/users/u/username/CDS.log cls: Unable to connect to clsbd on host "doom.ece.ncsu.edu".
Check if clsbd is running on the host. If the host is not valid remove
the ".cdslck" lock file. The connect timeout length can be set using
the CLS_CLSBD_CONNECT_TIMEOUT environment variable.

Then Cadence exited nongracefully and left hanging lock files. You need to go in and remove the files that have a .cdslck

A simple way of doing this is: find . -name "*.cdslck" -print -exec rm {} \;

the -exec rm {} part takes each of the files found in the find . -name "*.cdslck" and then deletes them. Make sure you are in your project directory before doing this. However, this won't remedy the CDS.log.cdslck file as this defaults to your ~/ directory. So run the following command to see if you have any in your home directory:

ece$ ls ~/*.cdslck

Now you can simply type: rm /afs/unity.ncsu.edu/users/u/username/CDS.log.cdslck or rm ~/CDS.log.cdslck to clear the CDS.log issue rolling forward.