Reporting Problems

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Bug Reports

Please submit at least the following with your bug report:

  • Cadence version and subversion from CIW. For example: version 5.1.0 subversion 5.10.41_USR3.27.30
  • NCSU_CDK version
  • The output of the command "uname -a"
  • Description of your operating system and hardware
  • Detailed description of the problem

If possible please include:

  • A copy of your CDS.log file
  • A GDSII or cif example of a cell that demonstrates the problem

Please send bug reports and questions to the NCSU EDA Help Desk.

Submitting patches

We encourage the user community to help us maintain the NCSU CDK. If you have a solution to a known problem or a proposed enhancement please send patches to the address above.

Please only send context patches generated by GNU diff using at least three lines of context. I.e.: use something like:

diff -c original-file new-file > patchfile

to generate your patch.

Also, please limit each patch to only modify a small number of files. We must examine each patch very carefully before applying it and this is very difficult if the patch is complicated.

If the patch is for a bug, please submit a bug report as described above. If the patch is for a new capability, please provide a detailed description and explain why the capability is desirable.

If we use your patch you will certainly go down in history.