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Release notes - version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 is a bugfix release

  • changed calls to multiLevelParasitic routine to check for valid parameters
  • changed absolute paths to relative paths in model files
  • fixed typo in ami16 model files
  • moved docs to Wiki

Release notes - version 1.5.0

  • Bugs were fixed in the DRC rules files:
    • applied patch supplied by to techfile/divaDRC.rul which adds a rule to outlaw cc with no active/poly/poly2.
    • updated DRC and Extraction decks to work better with 5.1.0 (sub version 5.10.41_USR3.27.30)
    • changed techfile/ to be more tolerant of missing areaCap data for Cadence versions >5.0.33.
    • applied patch supplied by to fix syntax error in techfile/divaDRC.rul. A closing parenthesis was missing just after the comment for rule 26.4.
  • The installation process was significantly simplified. The installation process no longer requires any changes to the Cadence installation tree or the use of the CDS_SITE environment variable.
  • Essentially all NCSU-local information has been removed from the distribution.
  • A prRules section has been added to the technology files that is compatible with the IIT/OSU-SoC standard cell library from James Stine, allowing for LEF & DEF import and export.
  • A first pass at a cleanup and revamping of the documentation was performed. All the documentation, with the exception of the occasional README file, has been converted to HTML. All links have been checked to be up-to-date as of 2006-02-24. The CDF section has been removed as well as the documentation for capabilities that are no longer supported.