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Welcome to the NCSU Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Wiki, a collection of design kits, methodologies, and tutorials for research and coursework in integrated circuit design.


North Carolina State University is lucky to receive generous support from three vendors who provide us with software, support for their software, and support for this wiki. In alphabetical order, these vendors are:

We greatly appreciate their support!


It is simple to navigate the entire wiki using the navigation bar at the left of the page. Our most popular areas are:

  • NCSU CDK - NCSU Cadence Design Kit, a process design kit (PDK) for Cadence design tools to design integrated circuits using the MOSIS fabrication processes, available for public download
  • FreePDK - The FreePDKTM process design kit is an open-source, Open-Access-based PDK for the 45nm technology node and the Predictive Technology Model.
  • Pathfinder3D - Pathfinder3D is a free, open-source web-tool for architects of stacked digital integrated circuits that use through-silicon vias (TSVs), commonly referred to as 3D-ICs. Pathfinder3D allows early, system-level analysis of floorplanning issues. Users without access to a commercial 3D-IC process may evaluate their architectures using the predictive FreePDK3D45 technology.
  • Tutorials - How to use the kits and other design tools

Please send all suggestions, questions, or comments about this Wiki, or the NCSU CDK to the NCSU EDA Help Desk: