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Welcome to the NCSU Cadence Wiki.

Our philosophy is to use real world CAD tools and methodologies all the way from our entry level sophomore classes to our Ph.D. research projects.

We have developed a design kit, the NCSU_CDK, and a set of tutorials for using several of the Cadence design tools to design integrated circuits using the MOSIS fabrication processes. Our design kit is available for public download and we are currently in the process of "wiki-izing" our tutorials.

For an overview of the Cadence University Program and links to other Universities' Cadence web pages (where you can find more tutorials, design flows and other useful information) see the Cadence University Program homepage. Cadence is a trademark of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. , 555 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134

We are currently developing our strategy for administering this Wiki. Please send all suggestions, questions, or comments about this Wiki, or the NCSU CDK to the NCSU Cadence Help Desk.