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Downloading the NCSU CDK

PLEASE NOTE! The NCSU CDK is always in a state of flux. Not all features work perfectly, and features are still being added. The NCSU CDK is provided purely as a service to the Cadence design community, and we can't be liable in any way for any damages that result from using it. Having said that, we use the kit here at NCSU, and things work well enough for us to fabricate working chips. Also, please make sure you read our disclaimer before you use the NCSU CDK.

Our download system requires that you take a few seconds to let us know your name, organization and email address before you download the NCSU CDK. This information is kept strictly confidential. We collect it only to help us understand who is using the kit.

The NCSU CDK is available as a tar file compressed using gzip. To get the kit please register here. We also have some CDK verification instructions to help you make sure you are getting a genuine NCSU version of the kit that has not been tampered with.