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MOSIS IC Layer Information

Common layers

The following layers are common to all MOSIS CMOS processes:

CDK layer name Description Stream layer number CIF layer abbreviation
nwell N-well 42 CWN
pwell P-well 41 CWP
active active (diffusion) 43 CAA
nactive* N-active 43 CAA
pactive* P-active 43 CAA
nselect N-select (ion implant) 45 CSN
pselect P-select (ion implant) 44 CSP
poly polysilicon 46 CPG
metal1 first-layer metal 49 CMF
ca metal1-active contact (obsolete; use cc instead) 48 CCA
cp metal1-polysilicon contact (obsolete; use cc instead) 47 CCP
cc generic contact (metal1 to active or polysilicon) 25 CCC
via metal1-metal2 contact 50 CVA
metal2 second-layer metal 51 CMS
pad wirebond pad marker 26 XP
glass overglass cut 52 COG
cap_id capacitor marker NA NA
res_id resistor marker NA NA
dio_id diode marker NA NA

*nactive and pactive are simply convenience layers for the user, not mask layers, and are treated as "active" for purposes of streaming out, DRC, and extraction.

Optional Technology Features

The following table shows which active processes support which optional technology features. See below for the mask layers that correspond to the technology features.

Technology Feature AMI 1.6um AMI 0.6um HP 0.6um HP 0.4um TSMC 0.4um (4M) TSMC 0.4um (4M2P) TSMC 0.3um TSMC 0.2um
electrode + + +
poly capacitor
high-res implant +
npn +
third-layer metal + + + + + + +
fourth-layer metal + + + + +
fifth-layer metal + +
sixth-layer metal +
metal-metal cap + +
silicide block + + + +
thin-oxide cap +
high-voltage FETs + + + +

Layers that correspond to optional technology features:

Technology Feature CDK layer names Description Stream layer number CIF layer abbreviation
electrode elec second polysilicon 56 CEL
ce metal1-electrode contact (obsolete; use cc instead) 55 CCE
poly capacitor polycap lower poly for thin-oxide capacitor 28 CPC
high-res implant highres implant for high-resistance elec (poly2) 34 CHR
npn pbase base for vertical NPN transistors 58 CBA
cactive* marker for collector of NPN transistors 43 CAA
third-layer metal metal3 third metal 62 CMT
via2 metal2-metal3 contact 61 CVS
fourth-layer metal metal4 fourth metal 31 CMQ
via3 metal3-metal4 contact 30 CVT
fifth-layer metal metal5 fifth metal 33 CMP
via4 metal4-metal5 contact 32 CVQ
sixth-layer metal metal6 sixth metal 37 CM6
via5 metal5-metal6 contact 36 CV5
metal-metal cap metalcap inter-metal layer for capacitor 35 CTM
silicide block sblock silicide implant block for resistor 29 CSB
thin-oxide cap cwell well implant for linear thin-oxide capacitor 59 CWC
high-voltage FETs tactive thick oxide 60 CTA

*cactive is simply a convenience layer for the user, not a mask layer, and is treated as "active" for purposes of streaming out, DRC, and extraction.

Please see MOSIS'layer maps for the official word.

--Slipa 12:06, 2 March 2006 (EST)