Known Problems

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Known problems as of 2006-12-18

  • The NCSU menu stuff doen't show up in the Library Browser using the current installation procedure. We've decided that this is the way the kit should work. If you prefer the old behavior of the kit, see the discussion at for workarounds.
  • The perl executable seems to have a problem with recent versions of Tk. The problem is in a line around line 2087 of the file (it may vary if you have changed the header of the file to work with your perl system) that looks like this:
    my $m = $fileMenu->cget( "menu" );
    If perl complains about the entry "menu" around this line the workaround is to make it look like this:
    my $m = $fileMenu->cget( "-menu" );
  • The padring cells in the AMI06 library have DRC errors. They seem to work and MOSIS does not seem to have a problem with them, so we have not fixed them so far.