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Release Notes for FreePDK45 1.4 (2011-04-07) (Subversion Repository revision 173)

New in this release

  • HSPICE models have been significantly re-worked to more closely match commercial technologies. See section VI of the FreePDK45_Manual.txt file for details.
  • Schematic entry of transistors in NCSU_Devices_FreePDK45 now has callbacks for default values of source/drain perimeter and area, for more convenient modeling of parasitics.

Bug fixes in this release

  • Fixed layout bug in vtg and vth P-Cells (vtl was correct)

Design rule changes in this release

  • Antenna Rules Added to calibreDRC.rul file

Release Notes for FreePDK45 1.3 (2009-3-4) (Subversion Repository revision 149)

New in this release

  • Added SVRF EULA

Release Notes for FreePDK45 1.2 (2008-3-10) (Subversion Repository revision 132)

New in this release

  • Changed license from GPL to Apache
  • Bundled with OSU-SOC Standard-Cell kit (PDK_DIR environment variable now points to the root directory of combined distribution)
  • Updated Calibre DRC rules (see rule changes below)
  • Updated Calibre LVS rules to extract source & drain capacitances
  • Updated Calibre xRC rules to include all metal layers
  • Updated P-Cells to Ciranova PyCell 4.2.0
  • New custom vias added to technology library to be compatible with Cadence abstract generator (no additional functionality)
  • Updated HSPICE models for VTG and VTH devices to reflect a thicker gate oxide (more realistic leakage currents)

Design Rule Changes in this release

  • Added IMPLANT.5 to prohibit overlap of nimplant & pimplant
  • Removed rule CONTACT.7 and made CONTACT.6 apply to all contacts to poly
  • Removed minimum area rules for metal straddling contact (METAL1.4, METALINT.4, METALSMG.4, METALTNG.4, and METALG.4)
  • Changed minimum enclosure of metal around contact/via to be enclosure on two opposite sides (METAL1.3-4, METALINT.3-4, METALSMG.3, METALTNG.3, and METALG.3)
  • Added width-dependent spacing rules (METAL1.5-9, METALINT.5-9, METALSMG.6-9, METALTNG.7-9, and METALG.8-9)
  • Added GRID rule to ensure shapes are aligned to manufacturing grid

Future Design Rule Changes

  • Rules for poly are likely to adopt limitations for reduced variability, including restricted pitch of poly lines to be a multiple of the wavelength of the exposing light source (193 nm) and increased poly width for one leg of a jog. We're currently trying to figure out the best way to write these rules.
  • A new gate oxide thickness layer may be added. Currently, the layer "thkox" is currently used to denote a thick oxide for IO devices (high off-chip voltages), but conversations with some engineers imply that multiple core oxide thicknesses are common. This may also affect the range of devices in the NCSU_Devices_FreePDK45 library.
  • POLY.3 (poly extension beyond active) is likely to increase, in order to more closely match commercial technologies. Thanks to Graham Petley at for suggesting this change.
  • Currently no antenna rule checks. These need to be added but will likely not affect existing rules.
  • Active spacing may be overly conservative. This rule may shrink.

Release Notes for FreePDK45 1.1 (2007-9-19)

New in this release

  • Calibre DRC, LVS, and xRC rules
  • VTL, VTH, VTG, and THKOX P-Cells for the CiraNova PyCell 4.1.1 plugin
  • Nominal, Fast, and Slow HSPICE simulation models (based on 45nm PTM)
  • NCSU_Devices_FreePDK45 library, with supported device symbols
  • Support for Schematic simulation with HSPICE

Removed in this release

  • Diva Design Rules

Known issues with this release

  • Calibre extraction currently does not extract source and drain areas and perimeters. This will be fixed in a future release.

Release Notes for FreePDK45 1.0 (2007-6-4)

Included in this release

  • Technology library and display resources for Cadence Virtuoso 5.2.51
  • Diva Design Rules for layers up to and including metal 1
  • Low-Vt NMOS and PMOS P-Cells for the CiraNova PyCell 3.2.1 plugin

Planned for the next release

  • Calibre Design Rules for layers up to and including metal 10 (Diva support will be dropped)
  • Support for General-Vt and High-Vt NMOS and PMOS P-Cells
  • Support for schematic simulation with HSPICE
  • Calibre LVS Rules