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The following is pasted from the $PDK_DIR/README.LithoSim.txt file, included in the distribution:

***** Release Notes *****

LithoSim Kit verion 1.2 (2011-04-07) (subversion repository revision 174)
  - Models and model-generation scripts have been updated to work
    with versions of Calibre released since 2009.  This version of the
    kit has been tested successfully with Calibre versions 2009.4 and 2010.3.
  - Models have been significantly re-worked since version 1.1.
    The lithography simulation supports layers that are critical for the
    technology, namely active, poly, contact and metal1.
    This functionality is supported with Calibre-LFD and produces
    process variation bands for the given layers due to lithography system
    imperfections. The LFD (litho-friendly design) and OPC (optical proximity
    correction) rules can be found in the calibreLFD.rul & OPC.svrf files 
    in the $PDK_DIR/ncsu_basekit/techfile/calibre directory.
    See "Layout Tutorial #4" on the NCSU EDA Wiki Tutorials page for an 
    introduction on running Calibre LFD from Virtuoso.

    Optical model files of the lithography system for different layers
    can be found in $PDK_DIR/ncsu_basekit/techfile/calibre/models and 
    properties of the optical system used in the litho-flow is as follows:

      -ArF illumination-lambda=193nm
      -Immersion lithography, n=1.44 (refractive index of the ambient)
      -Numerical aperture(NA)=1.05
      -Attenuated phase shift masks
      -Worst case defocus= +/- 75nm
      -Worst case dose variation= +/- %5

    Currently, there is no variation information in the PEX rules.  All
    extracted parasitics assume the widths and spaces as drawn, with
    thicknesses, resistances, and permittivities given on the "Metal
    Layers" page on the FreePDK Wiki.

LithoSim Kit verion 1.1 (2009-03-04) (subversion repository revision 150)
  - SVRF EULA Added

LithoSim Kit verion 1.0 (2008-11-24) (subversion repository revision 147)
  - Original release of kit