FreePDK45:Known Problems and Solutions

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This page is a work in progress!

  • Error: Virtuoso error: "you are trying to run a CDB executable on an OA library file 'symbol.oa'. you must run an OA exectuable to use that library file". When attempting to open an hspiceD view in the NCSU_Devices_FreePDK45 library.
    • Solution: This problem appears to be caused by using a non-OpenAccess-based version of Virtuoso. The earliest version of Virtuoso that was OpenAccess-based (that we know of) was 5.2.2 (ICOA5251). As far as we know, a version at least as recent as this is needed to use the kit.
    • Posted: --Rhett 08:20, 24 March 2008 (EDT)