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The following is pasted from the $PDK_DIR/ncsu_basekit/doc/FreePDK3D45_Release_Notes.txt file, included in the distribution:

 Contents: Release Notes for the 3D version of the FreePDK45
 File: FreePDK3D45_Release_Notes.txt
 Created: July 27, 2011

Release Notes for FreePDK3D45 1.1 (2011-07-28) 

New in this release:
 - Support for 5-tier, 45nm bulk CMOS stacks
 - Notes for compiling variants of the kit
 - Calibre DRC rules for TSV density
 - HSPICE models and Schematic Entry updates 
     to match FreePDK45 1.4 (2011-04-07)

Design Rule Differences with FreePDK45 1.4:
 - Calibre DRC Antenna rules not included

Release Notes for FreePDK3D45 1.0 (2009-6-5)

Included in this release:
 - Support for 2-tier, 45nm bulk CMOS stacks
 - Technology library and display resources for Cadence Virtuoso
 - Calibre DRC & LVS rules
 - Support for CiraNova PyCell plugin (No P-Cells included)
 - Support for schematic simulation with HSPICE
 - Example layout and schematic
 - Based on FreePDK45 1.3 (2009-03-04)