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Release Notes for FreePDK15 1.2 (2017-05-30) (Git Repository Commit 2017-05-26)

Included in this release

  • Technology library and display resources for Cadence Virtuoso (Tested with Virtuoso 6.1.6 09/01/2015)
  • Calibre DRC, LVS, and xRC rules (Tested with Calibre 2013.4_37.29)
  • HSPICE Simulation Models (Tested with HSPICE K-2015.06-2) Taken from the ASU 14nm PTM-MG HP model (2012-06-01) ( with minor changes for compatibility with HSPICE

Changes in this release

  • The following DRC Rules values have changed to be consistent with the NanGate 15nm Open Cell Library:
     Rule       Old Value     New Value
     ACT.5      32 nm         32 nm, 96 nm, or >= 160 nm
     ACT.8       0.005 um^2    0.004608 um^2
     AIL2.3     10 nm          2 nm
     AIL2.5     58 nm          6 nm
     AIL2.9     38 nm         16 nm
     AIL2.10    62 nm         16 nm
     GIL.8      32 nm          5 nm
     GIL.10     24 nm          2 nm
     V0.9       38 nm          6 nm
     M1.3      960 nm       1800 nm
     MINT.3    960 nm       1800 nm
  • Other Design-rule changes:
    • NW.1,2, & 3 no longer use scale ratio of 0.8
    • GIL now connects to AIL2
    • Fixed bug in ACT.9 (rule was not checking for potential latchup)
    • Fixed bug in M1 width-dependent rules (M1.8 - M1.21) (was enforcing < min value, rather than <= min value)
    • Fixed bug in MINT1-5.3, MSMG1-5.3, and MG1-2.3. Rule is now correct.
    • Rules now check un-colored layers for M1 and MINT1-5. Spacing between shapes assumes the best case (i.e. spacing between different colors).
    • Fixed bug in GATE.2 that was causing rotated instances to fail.
  • Display Resources changes
    • AIL2 fill pattern changed so that it is possible to see it under M1A. It is unfortunately still very hard to do, however.
  • P-Cells for nmos & pmos transistors have been added to the technology library (with the cell-names nmos_pcell & pmos_pcell). These cells are now debugged and tested and ready to use. Note that these cells are implemented with SKILL and no longer require the PyCell plug-in.
  • Schematic callbacks have been added to the nmos and pmos transistors to update the source and drain areas & perimeters when the number of fins is changed in the symbol.

Issues with this release

  • The design rules still need work. Here are some of the more serious issues:
    • There is no rule to enforce fin alignment (i.e. ACT alignment to a discrete grid). We will need to come up with a rule for this in a future release.
    • M1 width-dependent spacing rules should be enforced relative to the size of the smaller shape, but are currently enforced relative to the larger shape. We don't know how to code this rule currently.
    • Antenna rules are currently not working and need to be fixed.
    • Rules GATE.1b and GATE.2b are incorrectly flagging error on horizontal shapes. These rules have been disabled until a fix can be found.
    • Various other rules may limit density in ways that are unrealistic. Will will need to tune these rules in a future release.
  • Calibre xRC Parasitic Extraction works only with "uncolored" metal layers (i.e. M1, MINT1, etc., and not M1A, M1B, MINT1A, etc., although GATEA and GATEB are stll used). Inclusion of the colored layers caused the rules.C file to increase significantly in size, causing extraction of even the simplest of layouts to take in excess of ten minutes. It is recommended that the colored metal layers be mapped to uncolored layers before running Calibre xRC.
  • HSPICE netlisting with Cadence Analog Design Environment (ADE) hspiceD interface is only partially supported. We have currently been unable to pass the necessary parameters (NFIN, ASEJ, ADEJ, PSEJ, & PDEJ) through the interface. We work-around this issue by passing these parameters through the more traditional parameters (M, AS, AD, PS, & PD) and then use a Python script to change the parameter names as needed (which can be found in $PDK_DIR/hspice/examples/ Please see the tutorial "Analog Artist with HSPICE" at for details.

Release Notes for FreePDK15 1.1 (2014-11-21) (Git Repository Commit 2014-11-21)

Changes in this release

  • Slight changes to license agreement and inclusion of license statement in every file. No other changes.

Release Notes for FreePDK15 1.0 (2014-07-22) (Git Repository Commit 2014-07-22)

Included in this release

  • Technology library and display resources for Cadence Virtuoso (Tested with Virtuoso 6.1.5 01/16/2012)
  • Calibre DRC rules (Tested with Calibre 2011.3_18.12)
  • P-Cells for the CiraNova/Synopsys PyCell (Tested with PyCell 4.2.5-L2 Jun 27 2008)

Planned for the next release

  • HSPICE models
  • Calibre LVS and xRC rules

Issues with this release

  • P-Cells are not ready for use. One reason for the delay is that we have not successfully compiled the technology library with Synopsys PyCell 2013.12. We are not currently working on this issue due to lack of resources and are instead focusing on LVS/xRC rules. The P-Cells included with this kit are intended rather to illustrate the current status of the code and provide a starting point for someone to begin debugging.
  • Design rules are subject to change. We are iterating with NanGate and Mentor Graphics on design rules and anticipate another release later this year. A summary of the issues we are currently considering can found by running DRC on the SDFFRNQ_X1 cell from the NanGate 15nm Open Cell Library:
   Rule Name  Description                                     Result Count
   ---------  ---------------------------------------------   ------------
   ACT.5      Horizontal Spacing of ACT                                  2
   AIL2.3     Minimum spacing between AIL2 and GATE[A|B]                 2
   AIL2.5     Minimum vertical overlap of AIL1 and AIL2                 15
   AIL2.10    Vertical spacing of AIL2 and AIL1 on different net         9
   GIL.8      Minumum vertical spacing of GIL to AIL2                    4
   V0.9       Minimum space of V0 and GIL on different net              17
   M1.3       Maximum length of M1[A|B] for wires w/ min width 28nm      2
   M1.8,9     Minumum spacing of M1[A|B]                                 5
   M1.15,16   M1[A|B] minimum spacing to M1[B|A]                        16
   MINT.3     Maximum length of MINTn[A|B] for wires w/ min width 28nm   2

Some of these violations may be fixed through further clarification of each rule and modification of the calibre rules. Others may result in small chances to rule values.