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Frequently Asked Questions about Cadence Design Tools

What are the different versions of Virtuoso?

We currently have three installations of Virtuoso. It can get confusing, because we sometimes refer to the version by the "add" command, sometimes by the version string that the command getVersion() gives in the CIW, and sometimes by the name of Cadence distribution. Here are different values for each version:

add command cadence distribution name getVersion() string
add cadence2005 IC5141 version 5.1.0
add cadence2006 ICOA5251 version 5.2.1
add cadence2007 IC611 version 6.1.1

Note that ICOA5251 and IC611 are based on the OpenAccess Database. You will need to use the command cdb2oa to convert designs from IC5141 and earlier, to use the new versions of Cadence. Note also that the command used to start Design Framework II is "icfb" with IC5141 and ICOA5251, but it is "virtuoso" with IC611.

Is there a version of the NCSU CDK that works with Virtuoso 6.1 (cadence2007)

The NCSU CDK is written for the old Cadence Database and is typically added to your environment with the command "add cadence_cdk". There is an experimental version of the CDK for IC5251 and IC611. It can be added to your path with the following command:

source /afs/

How do I print from Virtuoso 6.1 (cadence2007)?

  1. In the layout or schematic window, choose File->Print. You should see a window appear titled Submit Plot
  2. Click Plot Options at the lower right to make the Plot Options window appear.
  3. Set the following options:
    • Display Type: display
    • Plotter Name: EPS
    • Paper Size: 8x10.5 inches
    • Select Fit to Page
    • Select Send Plot Only to File and enter a name with the extension .eps
    • Click OK on both pop-up windows