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NCSU_CDK Registration

This is the registration page for NCSU EDA design kit downloads.

NCSU requires registration for design kit downloads because the organizations that support us want to receive feedback on how many universities and companies we have been able to help.

All registration data is completely confidential and only available to a few people at NCSU. The only data that we pass on is a breakdown of the numbers of companies and universities we have helped. We never mention companies or universities by name. We only need your email address to establish your relationship to a company or university, and to provide you with download URLs. We will never add your email address to any mailing list or provide it to anyone outside our small group.

To register, you must simply provide us with your email address that is associated with a company or university in our database. Thousands of universities and companies are already in our database. If your email address is associated with one of those companies, you will be automatically registered and our system will email you a URL for downloading design kits.

If your company or university is not already in our database, you will be given an opportunity to register it. But please note: we do not accept registrations with addresses from ISPs or email providers like gmail or hotmail. You can only register colleges, universities, and manufacturing, EDA, research, or electronics consulting companies.

This form will only work if you use an email address that you personally can use to receive email, and if the address is associated with a manufacturing, EDA, research, or consulting company, or a university.